40000W professional amplifier

Anybody saw this? Maybe the most powerful amplifier ever

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  1. Thats a lie. A 13.7kg, 1ftx1.5ft amp is not outputting that amount of power. Unless is made of some revolutionary never before seen technology and costs at least 6-figures...its just a funny hoax :)
  2. There are some extremely powerful amps that are designed to be run with 3 phase power. This one is digital and is pretty small. Digital amps can be very efficient. It is for stadiums and other industrial applications.
  3. Yes it is for stadiums and big installations. There was already some ~20KW amps on the market made by LabGruppen and Powersoft (they are single phase 230Vac) but this PKN is something new with three phase 400V powering.
    400V three phase operation + state of the engineering = great power in compact size :)
  4. There are powerful amplifiers for stadiums and other stuff, but I can assure you 99.99% that they weigh A LOT more than a mere 13.7Kg.
  5. I want to see someone use this in a moblie Capacity ! Like a car or motorhome! With 20 18 inch woofer! Or like 15 tantric 21 inch! Or maybe check this out! 20 jack hammers! They saw one is like better than 4 other brands or more! MTX Jackhammer! Is a beast! Deep bass like no other! Looking for an amp that can push those kind of awesome woofer! Any one help me out!
  6. I want to see someone use this in a auto car or truck!
  7. Hi
    Just a couple of points, they deliberately dont state the power output in RMS so we can safely divide that output power by 4 to bring it into line with RMS which ties in roughly with the 10,000 W power input.(80A x 120V)
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