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I am looking to try to overclock my xp2400 further (it's currently at 10.5 X 205 @ 1.775V), since I have decided to to push back my next upgrade well into next year.I know it's not necessary to push it any further but i need something to keep me busy :smile: !I am currently using a Volcano 7+ but I don't think I can go too much further with this cooler because i can't stand the noise it makes at anything above the 'Low' speed setting.Any further overclocking would require more voltage and, therefore, would probably want an increase in fan speed.I figure, however, that i could get the increase in airflow i need without an increase in noise if i get a cooler with an 80mm or larger fan (since the 7+ only has a 70mm fan).One major issue is that i am using a revision 1.0 NF7-S which has no mounting holes so the new cooler has to be clip-based.
So, what are the main players in the clip-based socket A cooler market?I only really want to upgrade my cooler if i can do it without too much expense.Is this feasible?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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  1. Thermalright SLK800 is really excellent but expensive and extremely heavy. Thermalright AX7 is very good. Thermalright SK7 is excellent with a power fans. It's pretty close to the same performance as the SLK800 when both use power fans. The SK7 is lighter than the SLK800 but still pretty heavy. It is much cheaper. The cheapest really good heatsink is the Spire Falcon Rock II (also marketed under the Speeze label). It does well with medium to high flow fans. It also has about the same peformance as the SLK800 when the same fans are used. It's big but being mostly aluminum (has a copper insert) it's lighter than the SLK800. (I think it's lighter than the SK7 too). The best news is it's really cheap at about $12 USD.

    Since you are overclocking you'll need a decent fan for any of these coolers. I don't think any of the Thermalright heatsinks come with a fan, anyway. The FR2 comes with one but it's not suitable for overclocking.

    All of these heatsinks accept 80mm fans so even the high flow ones (well most of them) should be a lot quieter than that on your Volcano 7+.

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  2. Have you thought about getting one of those Fan converters that allow large fans on normal heatsinks? never used one myself, but I've heard them mentioned a few times.

    I'm interested in that approach myself, as I've got the 7+ too, and I also can't stand the noise on anything other than LOW setting (although it's an excellent cooler otherwise IMO).

    Anyone out there tried this approach with this cooler?

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  3. That would be an idea, as the 7+'s heatsink itself is very good and not too heavy- as is shown by it's cooling ability on the low speed setting.Any idea who makes the converters or where you can get them(I am in the UK)?

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  4. Aha.I have found thermaltake's ducting mod for sale <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A>(in the UK-sorry if that's no use to you).In the compatibility for it on the thermaltake website it doesn't specifically say the 7+.Do you know if it will definitely fit?

    EDIT-Oops.Made a mistake there!It can only be used with coolers that originally take an 80mm fan.I thought you could use it as a 70-80mm adapter too but you can't.

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  5. I think your signature gives a pretty good answer:
    >no matter how hard you try, you can't polish a turd. :]
    Really, a 2500+ might well be faster, cheaper and more overclockable than a high end HSF on your 2400+

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