Left handed (REVERSE) keyboard?

I'm looking for a left handed keyboard... no, not just a keyboard with the arrows and number pad on the left side, I mean I don't want a QWERTY left-to-right keyboard, I want QWERTY backwards in the upper right. I want the numbers to go 0987654321`. I want the entire keyboard to be a mirror image of a standard keyboard... except for perhaps the exception, of the arrow key pointing to the right registering as right and the one pointing to the left registering as left but that isn't crucial.

I know it sounds ridiculous, because it is. I'm not left handed, I'm just a little crazy. I'm using a mouse in my left hand and I'm quite surprised how quickly my left-handed aim is improving in first person shooters... having the right hand do the left hands normal jobs in video games is easy (with some crazy bindings) but I want to switch their roles for two handed typing. I want my left hands index finger do to what my right hands index finger is doing right now and vice versa.

Someone must have made such a keyboard and I want it! Before anyone asks, the answer is no, there is no reason I need or could benefit (in a practical way) from such a keyboard - I'm just experimenting with my brains ability to adapt and this would prove a more interesting challenge than switching mouse hands because that's just an exercise in ambidexterity where as a mirrored keyboard would be taking something both hands are already proficient at and making them swap jobs, while at the same time requiring you to either flip the mental map of your keyboard over or build a new one from scratch.

regardless of my silly motives and whatever you may think of them, please let me know where I could get such a keyboard if there is one.
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  1. "I'm just experimenting with my brains ability to adapt and this would prove a more interesting challenge than switching mouse hands...."

    You could try turning the keyboard upside down. After all, Paul McCartney and Jimi Hendrix kinda did that with their guitars.
  2. LOL I've been doing that, I'd still like a mirror keyboard though

    upside down is a bit extreme, yeah my knowledge of where things are is still useful (it's not a random assortment of keys by any measure) but now although my hands now have to press the keys the opposite hand was pressing before, the configuration is totally different (up is down, down is up) and so The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog is no longer the exact same procedure with my left hand doing everything as my right hand did it and vice versa but rather a totally warped procedure altogether. Space bar with my thumb, alt/ctrl/shift at the bottom and tab/numbers/backspace at the top would still be nice, in addition to having the labels printed right side up.
  3. Remap your existing keyboard, either using the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator or a utility like AutoHotKey.

    Also, take a look at one-handed "mirrored" keyboard layouts. These give one hand access to the letters under the opposite hand's fingers when a special key is depressed. The Matias 508 is a commercial example using hardware implementation, but you can emulate this with a regular keyboard using AutoHotKey.
  4. Clearly you don't understand this problem Dave DeCoy... remapping the keyboard doesn't help since the keys still fall to the right as you go down each column... if it were "mirrored" for lefties it would fall to the left. The keys are not laid out like bricks they are laid out in a fashion for one-sided use...

    On another note I would also buy one of these as it would help prevent repetitive strain injury and playing computer with my left handed mouse has relieved a lot of my chronic pain... The only thing I am missing is my mirrored keyboard please make one thanks.
  5. There isn't any decent ones, what I do is mirror the default key binds across the keyboard, E.g WASD to UHJK. E to Y.

    And I would get any keyboard with a non ergonomic mouse like stealseries sensai or razor abyssus /
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