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Hi all, I have a question and I cannot find the answer anywhere. I will be receiving a DirecTV receiver and subscription that I will be paying for but I will have to do my own install as it is a second receiver from another account and as such I will have no equipment from the service provider except the receiver so I need to know what to get. I have setup SEVERAL DishNet, ExpressVU, and FTA dishes before so I have alot of experience. I currently have an elliptical dish with standard LNB's that I can use and a few older switches. The service will be HD so please just give me a straight up list of parts such as swirtch, compatable dish, and compatable lnb's.

Thank you.
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  1. So... you don't have an existing DirecTV dish? They have upgraded within the last few years. You'll want to get one of their newest models in order to receive all of their channels. The newest dishes contain 4 RG-6 Satellite lines. This will do 2 Dual Tuner DVRs without diplexing the signal, or 4 with the optional diplexers. Model numbers are difficult to pin down, because all of the equipmentis provided by DTV. Is thre any particular reason you didn't want them doing the installation? It's usually free with new installs.
  2. Thry won't be installing anything because the receiver I will be using is a second receiver from another persons account so they have the dish and equipment at their house. I will need to purchase my own dish and switche and install them myself.

  3. Aha. Well, this is against the TOS, so I'm not really going to be able to be much help. Though, to point you in the correct direction. Look on EBAY for a dish. The 5LNB version is the most current. If you are using a Dual Tuner DVR, you will need to either run one separate cable from the LNB on the Dish to each sat input on the Receiver. (two total) if you only want to run one cable instead, you need to pick up a directv Diplexer from aspen technology.
  4. Yes, that is the current dish.
    Terms of Service. Basically if they catch you, they can cancel the entire account, but they'll probably just bill your friend for a second account.
  5. Thank you for your help. I couldn't tell from the description of the item, probably because I don't know what the switch is called, but does the setup I posted come with the switch and EVERYTHING I will need? Minus receiver of course.

  6. The dish is powered by the receiver. You just need to run two cables from the dish to the receiver if you're using a DVR. I'd probably pick up a grounding block, just to prevent lightning from torching your house down.
  7. Please excuse my ignorance but this new setup has 5 lnb's correct? When I was running Dish and Bell I needed to run a switch to bring the signals into 1 cable to run to the receiver. Is this no longer the case?

  8. Is it a DVR?
  9. No, just a standard HD receiver.
  10. You only need a single cable run from the dish to the receiver.
  11. Ok, so the 5 lnb's are already run into 1 output from the dish?

  12. Yes, the dish has a multiswitch built in. You don't need anything else.
  13. Ok, thank you. Now I understand a bit more. Why do I need the otheraccessories in that link like the splitter or the powersource?

  14. if you have an older unit, you might need the power supply. The multiswitch is for more than 4 units.
  15. I live in Niagara Falls Canada and am looking to join onto someone's account. Directv allows up to 8 receivers per account. If your friend has room for an additional receiver on his account, I would be interested in splitting the cost of his service. Let me know if you can help. Thanks in advance.

    Roadblock007 said:
    Ok, thank you. Now I understand a bit more. Why do I need the otheraccessories in that link like the splitter or the powersource?

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