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How to create additional taskbar on top of windows desktop screen?

I saw my someone using windows 7 and he got two taskbar one below (default) and another one on the top (customized). Now i got my Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit and want to do the same but i found nowhere to get the new taskbar on the top of windows desktop screen. Is there anyone who knows how to do it please share :cry:
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  1. Both tips from you guys only create folder in the same toolbar....i want to create a new toolbar on the top of windows screen not on the same toolbar
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    I might be wrong, but I think that XP was the last OS that would allow you to do that. ( or was it 98SE )?

    I think that with Vista and Win7, you could only move the toolbar.
  3. hmmm but i saw someone has it, unfortunately i didn't ask and now i can't find him cause he is a stranger not my friend :)
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