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Hi to all,  this is a little variation on the 5.1 computer speakers vs the htib issue.   I am a disabled vet under hospice home care.  I am building a simulator racing system. Hopefully this will occupy some of my time and provide a distraction from my body issues.  I am using the Dell xps 9100 with 2.8 ghz and 8 gb m.  The video card is the nvidia geforce gts 450.  The sound card is the stock thx trustudio.  Using the digital triple head 2 go with three samsung ex2220x monitors.  Also have the trackir pro 4.  I will be sitting in the v3 ultimate game chair.  My dilemma is speakers.  The chair has to be connected in some way to the audio for it to work (both sound and vibration).  This system will be used 90% of the time for racing or flight games.  I put this together myself so please be gentle in pointing out my mistakes or should haves.  I would like to spend around $300.00 for the sound system.  My thinking is that since this is not for music, etc the sound system does not have to be rated that high.  Since it will provide the driving force for the chair, which will work the best.  A 5.1  computer speaker system with 5 speakers and a sub woofer or a htib like the samsung ht d550 or similar.  Thanks to all that have taken the time to digest all of this and provide me with some guidance, since I am lost on this one.
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  1. i happen to like yamaha receivers as far as stereo and av go . i too have a limited budget for fun . you may be able to find a yamaha htib system for close to your budget new or used . i recently picked up a 6.1 yamaha system , receiver dvd changer sub and 6 satellite speakers for about $200 all together purchase price and shipping . i had 3 yamaha stereo receivers prior to this system i recently purchased and before i got into yamaha i had pioneer, optimus,and 1 sony , and yamaha is definitely better quality all around , in my opinion .

    if you want to find out about what's out there , has customer reviews and you will find out quickly what to avoid or what you may be in for with many brands and products . don't buy every thing from them , but i do A LOT of research there . I think i might try looking and watching ebay for something that might suit your purpose , i think you could say some money and get good system .
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    i guess this is an earlier post to the other one i seen. you might want to head over there to see what was posted.

    for under $300 i'd recommend a decent set of computer speakers. most logitech's do not sound too bad and reach sufficient volume. the ease of hookup is also nice.

    sound quality isn't as good as higher end home theater speakers, but build quality is probably better (in some cases) than HTIB solutions. most HTIB solutions (even the $500 ones) feel really cheaply built.

    i prefer my pioneer receiver over others. then again at $500 its in a different class. pioneer and yamaha are often recommended brands. avoid sony receivers under $500 as they arent that great.
  3. Thanks for your answer, I really do appreciate you taking your time to respond. Now I am going to show you how computer stupid I really am. I want to use speakers that connect directly to the computer. Both due to cost and do not have a need for the amp other than to run the speakers. This is going to be a system that will only be used for simulator racing and flight games. Now for the stupid part. How can I tell if a 5.1 speaker set is for computers or for amplifiers? I do diffently want to use the 5.1 speakers. When I read the information posted with a particular set I am never sure how they can be used. while some might refer to pc in one section and then refer to DVD, HDTV, xbox, etc. In another part of their listing. So to recap, I want 5.1 speakers that connect directly to the computer and what should I look for in the information listed that tells me the set is for direct computer connections. Again thanks for your time and patientence with me. I am a service connected disabled vet under hospice home care and I hope this system will provide me with a distraction from my body issues along with occupying a lot of my time.
  4. Computer speakers are often labeled as such. They connect via color coded 3.5mm plugs. They often feature a volume knob on a speaker or on a little device connected to them.

    Logitech only sells pc speakers and is one brand i could recommend. Visit the site.
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