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Hello, I have had problems with my xbox 360 HDMI and my TV, not sure if this is the right place to post about this, but I thought I would anyhow,

Anyways I had an xbox 360 elite and didnt play on it for a few months, And then I went on it With a HDMI cable, but on the tv on 1080p the graphics look awful, should look 10 times better, so i assumed my xbox was broke. I went and bought a new xbox, and the same thing.. tried anouther hdmi cable, same problem, although when I try on my tv downstairs or on my friends tv, it looks perfect, so I took the tv back to the shop which was a Logik 22" 1080p HD tv, replaced it with a Logik 26" 1080p HD ready. Its A Logik L26DIGB21 If that helps and when I got home same problem so using a VGA cable for now , I'm wondering if anyone had any ideas of what the problem could be
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  1. What resolution is your xbox set to on HDMI?
  2. 1080p
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