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Hello, my 46 inch LCD Dynex started having issues with the picture a couple of weeks ago....the picture would disappear (still had audio though), by changing the channel a couple of times I could get the pic back. It happened several times over the next couple of weeks, now when I turn the TV on I get absolutely no picture at all, just audio. I called Dynex and they had me power the TV on and off a couple of times and then told me I was out of luck as the TV was 8 weeks over the 12 month warranty period. Thanks for nothing Dynex and Best Buy (I think they should change their name to Not Best Buy!!) Any ideas would be appreciated.
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  1. Unfortunately, asside from get a repair estimate, there's not much you CAN do. You could plead your case to best buy, see if you can add on a warranty after your purchase. I did that a few times for customers (though i didn't work for best buy, so I have no idea if they even can). Talk with their GM, sales, or OPS manager, they're the three with the power to do stuff like that.
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