Init fail kworld

I have install all drivers and tv program i when i want to put on S video program tell me INIT FAIL

Why ?
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  1. 1- HI!!!????

    2- what's you computer specs / os

    3- what tv program / card is it ?
    do you get this message when you start the program, during driver program installation ?

  2. Initialization of the driver failed.
    You never said what OS you were using or if it was 32bit or 64 bit.
    See if you can find the model number of the Kworld card I presume it is a tv capture card your on about.
    When go to install the driver right click on the drive select admin and run in comparability mode select the os you are using and install.
    So if itwas for example a windows xp driver,but your running windows 7 run it/ install it in xp compatibility mode.
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