How to change the letters on the keyboard

so i have this new lap top and the letters dont match?? is there a way to take them off and to put them in the right place???
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  1. Do you mean is has the wrong keyboard software loaded in Windows ?
    I'd investigate that first.

    Keys removed from a laptop can be difficult to replace, often resulting in damage.
  2. Laptops use X-Spring keys. Those are not designed to be removed from the top, I doubt you would want to access the keyboard from the back.

    A key fell off a laptop once and I put it back together but it took quite a long time and it is very delicate.

    I wouldn't try to do this on purpose since they are quite easy to damage but it can be done. Just don't lift them off directly.

    How did the keys get in the wrong place anyway? Just came out of the box like that?
  3. It's quite weird but I have experience that too. Maybe another program tried to change the keys - like me I am a programmer I have mistakenly programmed my keyboard so key strokes behaves differently - Try this go to Control Panel then Change keyboards or other input methods. Here you can reset everything - careful thought.
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