Best OCing cpus?

Hi, from going through the forums it seems the two best cpus for price/performance(with OCing in mind) is the AMD 2500+ Barton and the Intel P4 2.4c(atleast thats what i can tell correct me if Im wrong). What I was wondering is is that because these 2 chips are the best OCers? or do the higher speeds of each chip OC just as well and its just the price that makes these better for the time being.

Im currently considering doing an upgrade(maybe just the cpu and board with new ram sometime down the line). With the suppositly price cut of intel cpus soon oct26? I was wondering if getting a faster chip like the 2.6c would be better than the 2.4c, or the 2600+/2800+ over the 2500+

Thanks for any help
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  1. "Best OC'ing" is usually a competition of percent gains: The old Celeron 300 could be overclocked 50% to 450MHz 99% of the time, but 450MHz is still slow! Meanwhile, the PIII 700 could be overclocked to 933MHz, yielding far better performance, yet it's only a 33% overclock so people say the Celeron 300 was a "better overclocker".

    So let's go by perfomance instead: The 2.4C and 2.6C should both reach 3250MHz, yet, the 2.4C would require such a high bus speed that no memory on the market could be run at a 1:1 ratio. The 2.6C would run 3250MHz at 250MHz bus, requireing off the shelf PC4000 RAM to use it at a 1:1 ratio. So at 3250MHz, the 2.6C might actually perform better than the 2.4C because you'd have the ability to run the RAM at a synchronous clock rate. Of course the % overclock award still goes to the 2.4C, performance be damned!

    My suggestion? End of the month price drops should put the 2.6C close to the price of the 2.4C!

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  2. What Crash said. You want to save money buy 2.4C if not buy 2.6C. I have 2.4C OCed to 3.0.
  3. What Crashman said is true, the 2.6 would usualy be a better chice, not because it's a better chip that can withstand higher clock rates, but because its multiplier is at 13 instead of 12. So, if I had to choose between to processors with unlocked multipliers, one rated for 2.6 and one for 2.4 and they cost the same as the retail ones, I'd choose the 2.4.

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  4. Thx folks I'll likely go with the 2.6c then depending on i fthe price drops enough. Now my only problem is in deciding on a mobo and if I should wait for one that supports prescott :)

    thx again
  5. I bought IS7 in July. They where supposed to support Prescott Now I don't care. Waiting for Tejas. Plus Intel next year early will have new Grantsdale Mobo out.
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