Can I use my dvd player with my pc

I need to instal new sotware into my mini laptop. As I do not have a portable USB cd/dvd drive. I need to know if I can use my dvd player as an optical drive for my laptop via USB cable.
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  1. idea..

  2. 1. You'll have to take apart your dvd player to even know if it uses a regular ide or sata connection.
    2. Even if your dvd player uses a regular ide or sata connector you'd need to buy an ide-to-usb or sata-to-usb peripheral.
    3. If your dvd player uses some other proprietary connector, then you have just either revoked your warranty, or broke your dvd player. This would render your effort pretty useless.

    Save yourself the headache and tinkering and buy an external optical drive.
  3. Go image the file at a friends and use demon tools or similar to mount it on your mini laptop.

    Or get a external drive

    The USB port on DVD players is 1 way, its for either firmware updates or to play files(mp3,wma,avi,mpeg,divx,mkv,ect) from flash and hard drives.
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