Dvi to hdmi cable to connect laptop to lcd tv

i just recentlty bought a Samsung 40" LCD TV series 5/503 and im failing to connect it using HDMI /DVI cable.it keeps on saying no signal.im using an HP Pavillion DV6000 laptop.
is there any key stroke sequence that i need to use on my laptop or something because i am failing to make it work.The user manual doesnt say much.pliz help me before i break this screen.
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  1. Yes, FN (bottom left on your keyboard) And the picture of a TV on your F Keys (f1-F12). You also need to verify your resolution is supported by the TV.
  2. as jc98 stated: FN+Fkey

    you will have to look at your keyboard to see which one.

    you might have to push the combination a few times as it swaps between laptop lcd, laptop lcd + external and external only. this is also the combination used to connect projectors i believe.

    when i output in this manner to the television it automatically matches my televisions resolution (1080p) but this might not be true for all televisions. sometimes when i travel the image overhangs the edge of the television and i am not quite sure why. on the two televisions at home there are no such issues.

    check and see i suppose.
  3. thanks mate let me try again
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