Display advice. 2 Samsung's im looking at

Hello I want to buy a new display to use for a couple different things.

Id like to hook my 360 up to it with the hdmi component cable
Id like to replace my tv with it and watch tv on it
I have a Tv tuner in my comp So not sure if it needs a built in Tv tuner
I have a 2 monitor set up, I also want to game on it doing fps, and many other things. Basically im looking for a display to become my primary display for anything I do with it.
Ive been looking at these 2 displays any help would be appreciated


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  1. Anyone? If you need more info just ask and ill provide.
  2. You do not need a monitor with a TV Tuner as long as you don't mind having your PC on to watch TV.

    If you do not want to turn on your PC to watch TV, then get the monitor with the built-in TV tuner.
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