Olevia 32"LCD HDTV 232-S12

I have no audio on my TV. I've been told that I need a main board for. What is the cost of the main board?
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  1. Do you feel comfortable swapping this out yourself? If so, you need to find the part number for your board. It will probably be listed on the board itself, or you can find it in the service manual. You can then either contact olevia directly to try to buy the part, or you can try to find an olevia certified repair center in your area. Contacting them directly could provide to be futile, my experience with Olevia's customer service is very poor. We used to wait upwards of 6 weeks for parts when we had warranty claims with their sets. We eventually stopped repairing/selling them at all because it was far more aggrivating to our customers explaining why it took so long.

    Long story short, if you feel comfortable replacing it yourself, try to find a parts department, and pray they have one in stock.
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