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Hi All,

I want to buy a laptop and my budget is Rs 41000/- The features I am looking for are screen size 14inch, processor: core 3i ; RAM: min 3gb; HD size: min 320gb; graphic card will be added advantage although gaming is not the purpose of buying this laptop. Good built up quality; weight : max 2.5 kg ; good battery, display and excellent service.

I have selected three laptops which are Sony vaio E series VPCEB14EN/BI; Dell™ Inspiron 14 New Laptop (S541214IN8) ; Samsung R480.

Please tell me which one is the best deal in your opinion.

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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    Post the full specs of them first
  2. Hi,

    Please check the below links for the specification:

    Dell™ Inspiron 14 New Laptop (S541214IN8)

    Sony Vaio E series VPCEB14EN/BI

    Samsung R series NP-R480-JS01IN

    Please tell which is the best deal in ur opinion.

    Gaurav :sol:
  3. I would go for the Sony one because HD 5470 performs better than Intel HD 4500M and GT 310M,however its still considered as a mid-low card
  4. ^I think I would agree with that. The Vaio E will be a good all around laptop for you.
  5. Guys, Sony Vaio laptop is of 15 inch however I want a a 14inch one........

    Please help!!
  6. lol,then why did you post it as an option ? :)
  7. I woud go for a Samsung laptop
  8. quyduy1992 said:
    I woud go for a Samsung laptop

    you posted on a thread that is over a year old...
  9. Among these three laptops Sony vaio E series VPCEB14EN/BI; Dell™ Inspiron 14 New Laptop (S541214IN8) ; Samsung R480, according to my point of view Sony vaio E series VPCEB14EN/BI will be the best one to buy. As the laptop prices are getting higher and higher, you must consider about all its technical specifications before purchasing so that you can get the maximum.
  10. If you combine all of these elements into one computing device than Go for Dell Inspiron.It is more reliable than others also having a long battery life.Sony does not have discrete graphics. However, it is a feature you can add on at the end.Sony Vaio laptops have notorious problem of overheating.
  11. Go for Samsung Laptop as it gives a very good performance and also its not too costly also..
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