Turtle Beach X12 Vs Logitech G35 Vs Razer Carcharias

Of the 3, which would be the best for PC Gaming? I'm fairly sure, due to my computer being a laptop, that I don't have a sound card.

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  1. Sorry for the bump.
  2. Hey man, i've never owned any of those products but I really like the look of the Razer Carcharias. If I had a choice, I would get that for sure :P

    Hope this helped somewhat...
  3. I use the X12's with the PC and they are really good. I have review of them here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7CCTLCUgK0
  4. Turtle Beach is a very poor performer. Their products are mainly targeted at 12 year old COD players. I've owned the Logitech G35's for 3 years and they are outstanding. The noise isolation is very good, the bass is punchy and the 7.1 surround sound emulation is pretty good for movies (not music). Only recently have I noticed it dropping in performance (due to it's age no doubt). I haven't listened to the Razor, but out of the Logitech and TurtleBeach cans, G35 wins hands down.
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