Songs Skipping on AMD Athlon XP 1700

I have got a Cyber Cafe in Mumbai and i have one AMD Machine which is Behaving Strangely since the day i brought it.
Configuration of the Machine is
AMD Athlon XP 1700
HIS Motherboard with Inbuilt Sound and AGP (Plus AGP Slot Provision)
32MB AGP Card Trident 64
40 GB Samsung HDD
rest all standard config

My Problem is tht ,when I play Songs on it the songs play in a Fast Forward way, i.e. songs skip n play, this happens in all Audio Players (Winamp 3, Real one, Windows Media Player). Also When i watch movies on it the movie also play in a fast forward fashion in any Audio Player.

Also it gets hanged a lot specially when i shut it down the blue screen of death comes up. I have formatted it twice loaded everything frm scrap again but all in vain. I also brought a Graphics Card as someone told me tht this may be due to the Memory being shared for Graphics, but tht too didnt solved my Problem.
The main thing is tht my hardware vendors also dont know whts wrong with my AMD machine. So it will be kind of u if u can help me out with this.

Awaiting a Solution,
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  1. I'm not familiar with HIS motherboards. Do you know what chipset it uses?

    The sound thing sounds like a driver issue. Have you tried downloading different versions of the mobo drivers?

    The crashes could be a number of things, possibly an inadequate power supply or insufficient cooling. What make/Wattage is your power supply, and do you know what your temperatures are?

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  2. If you have Win2k or WinXP check the Task Manager to see the CPU load, if it's not at 100% when playing an MP3 than it's not the CPU. If it is, my guess is that the mobo miss-detected your CPU and underclocked it a lot (improbable).

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  3. Take a large hammer and apply liberally to the case of the computer. Your problem may not be fixed, but I guarantee you'll feel much better.

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  4. try changing up the chipset and audio drivers, might also try defraging the hard drive. i had a similar problem on an intel chipset that had integrated video and sound, it started after i updated the chipset drivers. cs game server -
  5. I had this problem on an Asus motherboard I bought, but with an AthlonXP 2400. There was a 'hotfix' on the installation CD, in the form of a Microsoft update patch. If you go to their site amd search for this patch, you may be able to solve the problem.
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