Opinion needed: Intel or AMD?


I'm planning to buy a new computer with about 2.4 Ghz processor and ATi Radeon 9600 Pro graphic card. I have a budget of about $650.

I needed opinion for which processor should I buy, Intel or AMD? And which motherboard should I buy?

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  1. What else do you need? Do you need case, new mobo, ram or what?
  2. What are you going to use the system for, gaming, surfing & email, video editing?
  3. Sorry for the unclear question. I'm using it for gaming but not an expensive high-end gaming machine. But I really don't know how to decide which motherboard and chipset to buy. Can somebody give me some advise that I should buy a Intel Pentium 4 2.4Ghz or an AMD Athlon 2400?

  4. I have 2.4C OCed it to 3.0 IS7 Mobo New Egg has for $103. Ram HyperX PC3500 2X512.
  5. Whichever one performs the best.

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  6. How about a Intel Pentium 4 2.4 Ghz with Intel D865PERL mobo and 256 MB DDR PC333? Will my computer stable using these components with my graphic card (Radeon 9600 Pro)?

  7. It'll be stable, but you'll get better performance out of an Abit IS-7 or Asus P4P800 mobo, plus you'll be able to overclock it if you feel the need.

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  8. If you want to OC avoid intel branded mobos. If you don't care about oc'ng then by all means that is quite a nice board. Personally, I like asus and abit really well and gigabyte is a popular choice also.

  9. DDR400 in that system would boost performance

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