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I am currently in the market for a HDTV, and two in particular have jumped out at me.

The two I am comparing are:

Now, as far as cost goes, Vizio has an advantage, but I would gladly pay the extra money if the samsung has the upper hand in other areas.

I am looking for a tv that has low input lag and a decent picture. I am going to be doing a lot of gaming, both console and PC, on the TV. I have read mixed reviews on both TVs, so I just wanted a second opinion before I went ahead and bought one.
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    In this case, I would definately spring for the Sammy. Low budget vizio monitors use lower quality LCD panels. You will end up with a lot of light bleed around the edges, uneven backlighting, which leads to poor blacks/shadow detail. For your price range, I would actually suggest the Sony BX330 as well.

    Your samsung model is actually 30 dollars cheaper on
  2. So would the Sony be better than the Samsung, or are they pretty even?
  3. I'd rate them pretty even. Down to pretty much brand preference. I'd double count your inputs. Make sure the one you are leaning towards has everything you're looking for!
  4. I would definitely go for the Sony or Samsung over the Vizio, in terms of both quality and reliability. The price difference is worth the added quality.
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