5400 series Lexmark printer will not allow non-lexmark ink

This series 5400 Lexmark Printer was using ink from non-brand refilled ink cartridges for months and suddenly it refuses to print, citing Cartridge error 1203, cartridge on LEFT, must be installed with HP ink cartridge.

How can I over ride that error msg and go on to print successfully with refilled cheaper cartridges as I have done without any problem for 3 months?

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  1. You can't always take error messages literally -- especially if they tell you replace ink in a Lexmark printer with an HP cartridge.

    The nonsense of cartridge costs was one reason I gave up on inkjet, the other was the sheer unreliability that meant I was always getting involved with the ink issue.

    If you can do without colour, bin the the Lexmark and buy a cheap laser printer -- even the small capacity demo toner cartridge that will come with it may last you a year in average domestic use. And even if you don't use the printer for 3 months it'll print perfectly first time -- no gummed up ink cartridges.
  2. thank you for your suggestion to change to a laser printer. I wonder why I've been able to us the cheaper, refilled cartridges successfully (for over 2 months) and suddenly it now rejects the Black ink one, but NOT the refilled color cartridge. And I never do pay any attention to the msg telling me that these refilled cartridges are EMPTY. I ignore that message, BUT this was a different msg,
    "Error #1203. Cartridge error. Consult User's Guide" and then it STOPPED printing all together. That is the problem. I'll go and buy a new Lexmark Approved CArtridge and then see if it will print.
  3. I had the same problem suddenly occur when I inserted a new, refurbished cartridge (the exact same one I was taking out) into the printer. I chatted with tech support with the result that they couldn't do anything about it, "using a refurbished cartridge could damage the printer" (even tho' I've been using them for year), blah, blah, blah. Then I called sales and requested a free genuine Lexmark cartridge as a concession for the inconvenience and cost of having a refurbished cartridge that is now un-usable. I said this new development is an extremely user-unfriendly one. They finally agreed to this "one-time concession". I would suggest anyone who has this problem do the same and insist.
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