Computer screen backlighting on my Gateway Laptop has failed, Looks good on sta

The Screen on my Gateway laptop goes black after starting up. At start up the logo and desktop screen shows clear for a few moments then goes black.

Thanks ........ A Knesal "Little Beirut"
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  1. It could be the backlight, but it could also be a bad inverter or perhaps the graphics chip is going out. If you can hook up an external monitor to it, try updating the gpu driver from gateway's support site and see if that help. If not, I suspect that it may be the inverter, as if it were the backlight, nothing would show at all, even on start up.
  2. Thanks 'Buwish'.

    Running out to buy a monitor .... Will update info or and problem/solution
  3. Well, you don't have to go buy a monitor; simply borrow a friend's for a bit.
  4. Good Idea ..Thanks...but,

    Don't know anyone with a stand alone monitor/system. Need a new monitor anyway for my new dedicated desktop CAD/Photo system.
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