Computer restarted on it's own for the first time

I have changed the motherboard, cpu and ram in my computer.

Ever since upgrading I've gotten 1 blue screen of death and the computer has restarted on it's own twice now.

I'm using

windows 7 64bit.
Phenom ii x4 955be,
2x2gigs gskill ram 7-7-7-21 2t
gigabyte 890GPA motherboard,
nvidia gtx260 core.
Thermaletake purepower 600wat psu

What could be the issue? this never happened to me before the upgrade. I did a clean install after the upgrade btw. Is there any way for me to trouble shoot this? Does windows have a log file of the errors I can show you guys?

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    Set the system to not automatically restart. The blue screen Stop error will then be displayed. Try searching Microsoft support for solutions to the stop error code displayed on the blue screen.

    Instructions on how tio set the system to not automatically restart.
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