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Hello everyone!.
A doubt came to my mind today regarding of my Samsung's Picture In Picture capabilities.
The model is: un40d5003bg

I understand that it's only possible to have TV (either digital or analog) in the PIP, parallel to de main screen, but is there a way to have for example HDMI (my PC) as the main screen, and A/V (composite or component) in the PIP? I've looked EVERYWHERE and there are some custom firmwares for different TV models but never found that capability, so I don't want to take any risks before being sure that PIP will work with any source after changing the firmware..
If anyone knows something regarding this issue please be so kind to share your information :).

Thanks in advance

Augusto Bachmann
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    I can't recommend custom firmware unless you are ok with voiding your warranty. You also don't want to change fimware unless it's specifically for your television set (or has been specifically tested). You run the risk of bricking your set. I understand it's a huge restriction, but you should weigh your pros and cons before you decide to go that route.

    Your other option is always to get a TV tuner, and simply add a PIP window on your PC. This effectively does the same thing as PIP, without risking bricking your set.
  2. Thank you very much for the quick response.
    Yes, before I do something so risky I will think about it 10 times, and take all the cautions to be taken.

    I never really thought of that, but unfortunately, here in Argentina technology is very expensive, and the only thing I'll be doing is chatting yhrough whatsapp from the iPod. I'm not planning to connect any antenna or anything like that. So here it's a lot of money for just some little thing that I want to do..

    Again thank you very much for your response, you've been very gentle.

    Best regards. Augusto Bachmann
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