Cleaning the fan filter on Asus G51vx

how do you remove the grill so you can clean the fan and heat sink on the Asus G51vx bottom round grill.
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  1. Did you look in the manual or on Asus's website before asking here?
  2. No just trying to not break something, also would have to find the manual. is there anyone out there with experience with the ASUS G51VX-X2A. I kind of killer a Toshiba
    in two years and would like this one to last a little longer.
  3. That's not a fan filter - it's got a solid piece of plastic film glued to the inside. Air is pulled in from all the slotted holed elsewhere under the laptop.

    The round thing does nothing but perhaps help the fan pull in air from all vents rather than the closest by way of air flow/ turbulence control.
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