How to connect home theater speakers to tv via speaker wires.

My family just purchased a new Samsung 55 inch tv and i was trying to connect the external speakers i have in the wall to the TV. There are a total of 12 speaker wires. 5 speakers and 1 sub woofer. Before we bought the new TV, All 12 wires were connected from the wall to a Pioneer 5 DVD disk/ CD changer that is about 10 years old. When using the Pioneer 5 DVD disk/ CD changer we would get surround sound when watching movies and playing music but never for watching regular tv. My question is how do I connect the surround sound speakers to the new tv? Can i some how use the Pioneer to connect with the Samung so it would use the surround sound when watching regular tv? Or do i need to get a receiver? Explain slowly because i am new to this. Thanks!
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  1. In order to get "regular TV" audio through your 5.1 surround sound speakers, you will need to direct your TV source (Satellite, Cable, Over-The-Air transmissions) through your Pioneer 5 DVD/CD changer. If your Pioneer DVD/CD changer does not have audio and video inputs, then it cannot be done.

    If you're not sure, please provide us with more detailed information; to include, the TV source (and whether a set top box is required) and the model number of the Pioneer system.

    -Wolf sends
  2. You Pioneer unit is probably a home theater in a box so it has amplifiers and speakers with it as well as the disc players. If it doesn't have an input of any kind on it you can't connect the TV or the set top box and will need a new receiver and maybe a new powered subwoofer depending on whether the old one has a built in amp or the amp is in the main unit.
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