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Hi, My laptop is an HP Pavilion dv9000 which I bought like a year+ ago. I use it for school since I am a computer systems major. My question is that I want to install my Win7 ultimate 64bit on it and I know it will be a fresh install and wont have the factory programs and such. So with this being a clean install will my laptop still work? Like will it recognize charging when I plug it in, will the touch pad still work pretty much will my laptop be the same laptop but with a fresh install of win7? I cant have my laptop not being functional.

Thank you for your help.
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    laserpp said:
    HP Pavilion dv9000
    The HP Pavilion dv9xxx is not officially supported by HP for Windows 7 upgrades.
    Here is the HP document showing the supported models. HP notebook series supported with Windows 7

    -> For more specific information on how to upgrade you'll want to read the Win7/Pavilion DV9xxx topics in the HP support forums.
    * Windows 7 Upgrade Guide for dv6000/dv9000 models
  2. Seems like to much of a hassle, guess I will just wait for when I can buy my alienware.

    Thank you very much
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