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I bought this Laptop in 2008 so there is no warranty. I have had it at home and never take it out of the house. I rarely shut it keeping it open on a stand. The other day I wanted to move it to another part of the house and I shut the display. when I opened it up to turn it on there was vertical lines sort of like static. It works when I play with it but it is a laptop and you are suppose to be able to travel with it. I think it is a connection problem in the hinge. I have a little knowledge about electronics. Is this something I could fix my self? Has any one had this problem?

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  1. It could be a variety of things, but seeing that it responds when you wiggle the hinges around and such, it could be the signs of a bad inverter or perhaps a bad/overheated wire related to the display. If it isn't a bother, I'd probably let it go for awhile and if it starts doing it more often, chances are that it is the inverter going out.
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