Deleting Disk Partition

Just wondered if someone could answer this question for me:
I Have a 40 gig hard drive partitioned into 2 sections - lettered C & D drive (Both NTFS formatted).
C drive has the OS (XP) on it, and D is used for storage.
What I wanted to know is if I could delete the "D" drive without wiping out "C" drive, too.
If so, how do I go about it?
I do not have "Partition Magic".
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  1. you can delete the partition without affecting the other one, but the partition will just be unpartitioned space. you wont be able to join the two back together without having to erase both. not without some kind of third party program, such as partition magic.

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  2. You may delete/reformat partition D using Disk Management Console in Computer Management.

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  3. Thanks Jihiggs;
    So I'll end up with the deleted partition's space being unallocated?
    I'm have a Seagate Barracuda HD, anyone know if Seagate's "Diskwizard" software can re-attach the unallocated disk space back to "C" drive without wiping out "C" drive?
    Or is Partition Magic the only way to fix this?
  4. Thanks "Newbie"
  5. nope - diskwizard won't do it. Only partition magigc

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