A Server, a RAID, and Microsoft SQL

Hi all,

I have a small favor. I'm challenged (as someone with a minimal background in IT-related endeavors) with setting up a small server that needs to be somewhat secure to run a box office ticketing portal. I have the server-end software from the company, but as this is my first time hosting something of this magnitude and setting up a RAID (I'm guessing RAID-1 for simple redundancy), I want to make sure I have the hardware to make it happen appropriately. I'm also unsure about the SQL software. It was suggested to get MS SQL 2008, but I'll need 5 CAL. Any insight with these details is much appreciated. In sum, this is the help I'm seeking:

1. Is there any specific specialty hardware necessary (aside from two identical HDDs) to set up a RAID-1 setup?

2. Where is the best place to purchase a 5 CAL version of MS SQL '08? It's an educational box office, so EDU proof can be verified.

3. Is there any other server-end software for safety/security necessary to protect the data on the server?

Thanks again for the help in advance. I apologize if I sound very green, but I learn quickly and can figure it out if I'm pointed in the proper directions.


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  1. ...and I posted in THIS forum as I'll be using Windows 7 Pro.
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