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Hello all. I've been tasked with upgrading my bro-in-laws computer and wanted some 2nd (and 3rd) opinions as to the best purchase. Keep in mind I have a fixed budget of ~$250 CDN. His current system is a 800 Duron on a KT133A board, with 512 SDRAM and a GF2200MX. He wants something with enough juice to power games, like Homeworld2 & Sturmovik, with higher detail/speed.

Option 1: Get a Radeon 9600 Pro
Option 2: Get a Radeon 9100 and a 1.33 T-Bird processor (board can't take an XP).

I guess it's down to sacrificing video power for more system power. Personally I'm leaning towards option #2. Any ideas?

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  1. For 250$ you can get both!

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  2. I'd go with a Radeon 9200 (~ $105 for OEM at and upgrade the processor.

    I'd like to know where in Canada you can get a (unused) Radeon 9600 Pro for under $250? Unless you're talking Sapphire, I haven't seen a new 9600 Pro, even OEM, for under $269 + tax.

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  3. Quite right. Currently, at my local and trusty computer shop, an Atlantis Radeon 9100 is $119.99 and a TB 1.33 (which is a rare find) is $99.95. An Atlantis Radeon 9600 is $229.99. The are cards are retail and do not include tax.

    If he could afford it, he would also get a lower-end DDR board/memory/XP proc, but that alone would soak up his entire budget. I felt the video card was the key ingredient anyways, and IMHO, the 9600 Pro is the 'best' card currently available. I'm concerned though to spend his cash only to find that the card is critically bottlnecked by his 800 Duron (with its puny cache and 100 MHz bus).

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  4. :redface: I didn't see the CND.

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  5. I should also mention that the 9200 goes for the same price. While the 9200 is a great buy, the 9100 is basically a repackaged 8500LE, with two texturing units per pipe compared to the 9200's single texturing unit. Generally speaking, it's faster than a 9200.

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  6. The 9100 is a better card than the 9200, why recommend a 9200 when he asked about a better card?

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