Logitech Z506 or Z523

I need advices from those who had experiences with these speakers. I'll be using it for gaming, musics and movies. I can't decide which one since Z523 has 360 surround audio and I don't know if it is better than Z506. The size does not matter, I can set up both 2.1 or 5.1 speaker. The real problem is quality only. The price doesn't matter too since it's somewhere in my budget. Here's my spec if it's needed.

Core i5 2400
4GB Kingston DDR3 KVR1333 (2GBx2)
CM GX 650W
Lite-On® Dvd+RW 24X
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

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    ignore such descriptions as "360 degree audio" as the sound waves will bounce off the walls anyways. such descriptions arent entirely accurate nor relevant.

    instead think on these two things:

    do you want stereo (2.1) or surround (5.1) in your speaker system?
    do you want (possibly) better speakers or more speakers?

    keep in mind that movies are usually in dolby surround sound, except some animation which is stereo only. games are usually surround sound, except some older games which are only stereo or mono. windows sounds and internet (youtube etc) sounds are all stereo or mono. most music is stereo only.

    i've had the $100 logitech 5.1 sets in the past and they have been a good value for the price paid. not top end by far but definitely good enough to always recommend logitech.

    i've also heard logitech 2.1 speakers, albiet the $50 model, and they also sound good for the price. not sure how much (if at all) better the $100 model sounds over them.
  2. Q: Do you want stereo (2.1) or surround (5.1) in your speaker system?
    A: I'm fine with both.
    Q: Do you want (possibly) better speakers or more speakers?
    A: I want high quality speakers (audio). More speaker doesn't mean good speaker.

    So let say I picked 5.1 speaker. If I play old games that use stereo audio, will it still be the same as if I was using 2.1 speaker? I guess that's not bad.
  3. Yes it will revert to 2.1 mode but im talking games from the 90's.

    The speaker quality isnt going to be night and day. Its most likely minimal if at all.

    For what you want i'd say go 5.1
  4. If the quality difference is minimal then I would pick 2.1 instead since it requires less space setup. Unless if 5.1 creates a whole lot better quality than 2.1 then I'll pick 5.1, thanks for the advice.
  5. It all depends if you want surround sound. Personally i will never go back to 2.1 since getting ss. Either way is not a bad choice for the money.
  6. After doing some thinking, guess I'll pick Z506 then. The price difference is not that great and it should be better than Z523.
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