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Hi all. I just bought a Sharp 46" LCD with the intentions of running audio from a surround sound receiver- like I've done for a million years. Much to my dismay and annoyance, the new sets do not come with the old outputs that I'm so used to. The owners manual isn't a great deal of help and it appears that the only audio output is hdmi- which my receiver doesn't have. Suggestions as to how to get from the tv to receiver?? All help is appreciated. The tv is an Aquos LV-46sv49u
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  1. At the very least, you should be able to hook up the Headphones out port to your surround sound system using a 3.5mm stereo to Left/Right RCA cable. Beyond that, we'd need to know specifically what outputs your HDTV has and what inputs your receiver has.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Your TV does not have an HDMI output but you should find a Toslink optical digital audio output that should be fine with your receiver. Make sure to set the output in the audio menu to get surround sound from your system. You may need to set up your receiver input menu as well.
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