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Re-installing Windows 7 (OEM) question

Hello all

So I'm planning to upgrade my HDD to a SSD sometime in the near future and I was wondering if I can just reinstall my OEM version to the SSD. I will not be changing my motherboard or any other component, just the HDD to SSD. Will I have any problems, or should I be looking to purchase a full version of Windows? Or just another OEM version?

Please help
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  1. You should be just fine.
  2. Just install your OEM version to the SSD.

    The installation is really simple -- just unplug the HDD power cable, and connect the SSD cables, then install the OEM version to the SSD.

    Make sure you set SATA mode of the boot drive to AHCI, and make the SSD your primary boot drive.

    After completing the installation re-connect the HHD cable, and use it as a storage drive.
  3. Or you can clone your old hard drive so that you won't have to reinstall the OS or any programs/files, etc.
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    The OEM license applies to the motherboard.
    So long as you don't change that, you can reinstall as many times as you like.

    When you do the reinstall, do not leave your old drive connected because windows will try to put a hidden recovery partition on it. You can reconnnect your old hard drive later.

    I think Intel and Samsung have ssd migration software available that works to clone your old drive to the ssd.
    That would be easiest if you have to change nothing else.
  5. Excellent. I didn't think I'd run into any problems, but just wanted to be safe. Thank you all
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