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Ok... I'm upgrading my current system(s) and have a whole lot of questions. I'm about to attempt to combine them all into one post. Hopefully I can do that without confusing everyone.

I'm upgrading this system:
Codegen 350 ps
Abit KT7A
Athlon C 1.2
Radeon 9500pro
512 pc 133
SB Live 5.1
Maxtor 30gb 7200rpm

to this:

Athlon XP Barton 2600+ (using stock cooler)
2 x OCZ DDR PC-3200 256MB Model# OCZ400256EL

1) Do the upgrades make sense, eg. will I see significant increases in games?
2) Will my power supply be able to support the new config?
3) Can I expect to overclock with the stock cooler?
4) What will probally sound better with my Altec Lansing 500 speaker system. The onboard ALC650 6CH sound or my SB Live XGamer 5.1?

Ok... step 2. I want to pull all the old stuff out of the original system and use it in another system that I have now.

1) Will a 250 ps be able to support that Athlon C 1.2 and a Radeon 7000 graphics card?

I'm also setting up a file server. The stuff which is being removed from my oldest system and being replaced with the Athlon 1.2 will be used. I have an old case with a 145 ps.

1) Will that 145 ps support a Pentium 450?

Thanks everyone for your help... I hope I haven't confused everyone.
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  1. Bump... i'm beginning to think that I asked to many questions in one thread.
  2. Here it goes:

    1) You should expect at least 50% increase in your system's performance, by doing this upgrade. So yes, I would consider it a major upgrade, since I also believe that your current CPU is probably holding your graphics card back.
    2) I doubt that your power supply will handle the new config. It might, but no guarantees here. It would be much better if you could buy a new PS though, ESPECIALLY since you are planning to overclock. I highly reccomend "Antec 430W Power Supply TRUE430" ($76 @ Newegg). I use the same PS with a A7N8X Deluxe board w/ Radeon 9500 Pro and an overclocked 1800+ to 2400+. 100% stable with literally 0 problems.
    3) Yes, you can expect to overclock using the stock cooler. Of course you realise that you can probably achieve better results with a better cooling option but you can try and see what happens. After all, it all comes down to luck, depending on how good the chip you will get will be.
    4) I think your current sound card would be a better option. If you were buying the A7N8X Deluxe board then I would reccomend the onboard sound but since you are getting the -X model, then I believe keep your soundcard.

    I am not sure about your other questions but the only reason to know for sure is by testing. I seriously doubt though that a Pentium II will work with a 145 PS.
  3. Oh btw, just in case you want to make any comparisons:

    My system:
    - Asus A7N8X Deluxe
    - Athlon XP 1800+ @ 2.0GHz (= Athlon XP 2400+)
    - Radeon 9500 Pro (stock speed)
    - 2 x 256MB Corsair PC-3200 memory (running at 333MHz @ 2-2-2-6)

    It should be about the same as the system you are trying to build (yours would be a bit faster after overclocking). My score in 3DMark 2001SE (build 330) is about 11500. So you can run this benchmark test on your current system and see what kind of performance increase you can expect in games.
  4. My friend had a packard bell PII450 + onboard graphics with a 150 watt PSU. It worked fine untill he tried to install a GF2 ti...

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  5. >Athlon XP Barton 2600+ (using stock cooler)

    You mean a 2500+ I presume ?

    >1) Do the upgrades make sense, eg. will I see significant
    >increases in games?


    >2) Will my power supply be able to support the new config?

    It should.

    >3) Can I expect to overclock with the stock cooler?

    Yeah, a bit a least.

    >4) What will probally sound better with my Altec Lansing
    >500 speaker system. The onboard ALC650 6CH sound or my SB
    >Live XGamer 5.1?

    Not sure.. why don't you give both a try,and decide then ?

    >1) Will a 250 ps be able to support that Athlon C 1.2 and a
    >Radeon 7000 graphics card?

    I would guess so. Doesnt hurt trying, if its unstable, you know what the likely cause is.

    >1) Will that 145 ps support a Pentium 450?

    Thats gonna be tight. It might though, depending how good that PSU is, and what other components you will throw in, but I wouldnt bet any money on this working. tying can't hurt though.

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  6. - Abit NF7 is well priced and has great overclocking options.

    - 2500+ barton would be an excellent choice.

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  7. There is a 2600+ Barton now! The 2500+ Barton is probably a better value though.
    <A HREF="http://www.newegg.com/app/viewproduct.asp?DEPA=1&submit=Go&description=2600+,Barton" target="_new">Here.</A>

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  8. Thanks everyone for all your help. I decided that I'm going to get the new power supply just to be safe.
  9. good choice, enermax, antec, or fortron will serve you right.

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  10. Another vote for ABIT NF7 (v2.0)

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  11. Good call.
    Ive seen two Codegens just die for no reason.

    Not exactly the most reliable PSU brand around.
    Very lightweight and flimsy.

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    I am not a Via fanboy.
    I am not a ATI fanboy.
    I AM a performance fanboy.
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  12. I revised my config. This is almost final... unless there are any great last minute suggestions.

    2x CORSAIR MEMORY XMS Extreme Memory Speed Series 256MB 32MX8 PC-3200C2 With Heat Spreader OEM (thinking i'm going with the pc 3200 for the overclock... rather than get the pc2700 lower latency...)

    Biostar M7NCD PRO (nice cheap mobo... but got some good reviews... getting this off new egg for $66... decided i don't need sata or other extras... will try the onboard sound... but have that sb live incase...)

    CoolMax CT-450: 450W ATX Power Supply w/ 2 double ball bearing Fans also w/ 1 Tri-light LED Fan (I need to stay on a budget... it is amd reconmended so it must be ok....)

    (using stock cooler... seeing how temps will hold at 3200+ speeds... will upgrade cooler if there is an issue)


    Hows everything look? Any last minute suggestions? This stuff is all under $350 including shipping. I don't want to exceed this. Thank you.
  13. I really could use some feedback on the new config...as i want to order tonight to have it by friday.
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