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I am trying to install Windows 7 to my recently built desktop. Im using the CD, and the OS is Windows 7 64 bit OEM. Whenever I get to the setup process it says that it doesnt have the correct drivers for the DVD Drive, which I understand, but I cant download them from the disc and I also tried to download the drivers to a flash drive and download them but the windows 7 thing cant seem to find them. The screen im stuck at has "Browse" "Rescan" and "Next (grayed out)".
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  1. Are you using the original Win7 DVD or a burned copy?, because that error is almost always caused by a bad DVD.
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    Go into Setup (BIOS) and change your SATA mode to IDE (or AHCI if already IDE) then try again. ie make sure RAID not selected. Ensure DVD drive 1st in boot order.
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