Incorperating a ssd into my gaming rig issue!

I have a custom built pc for gaming list of components:
asus maximus extreme p67 mobo
core i7 2600 unlocked
16gb corsair vengeance ram
four 500gb hdd's (western digital caviar black enterprise hdd)
GeForce GTX570.
The problem I am having is I purchased a 120gb corsair force gt ssd to use for my os.
I installed the os, everything went perfect. I then installed my games etc to one of my 500gb hdd's. Everything installed perfectly. I then logged into a game and the graphics were crap. I flashed my bios, updated all drivers for my gpu. still no results. It looks like the 3d mapping is broken when the source of the game is installed on another drive. The pc is lightning fast and does everything I want it to do but can't play any of my games. The game I tried first was world of tanks.

The question is can this work and if so how? It seems like the the pc is bottle necking and just locks up when in game.

I took the ssd out and started over and everything works perfectly. I don't want to think I wasted that much money for a paper weight...

thanks in advance for any help.
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  1. game files actually work better on the SSD- faster loading, faster zoning, etc. That said, one thing you can try is mount one of the 500GB drives to c:\program files. so anything that is stored in that dir will actually live on the hard drive but the OS doesn't see anything other than the program loaded onto the default directory. It may be a problem with an absolute path somewhere in the game's source code...
  2. Steam games can be moved or pointed but other games have to be reinstalled. Sounds like you need to reinstall your games.
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