How to use existing direct tv reciever in 2nd home

I have direct t.v. service in my home & want to take one of my recievers and use it temp. in my sons collage room. Their is a dish not being used on his building and was told o.k. to use, when I connect the reciever, I only get searching for satelite signal. I Direct t.v. wants an addtl' $55.00 a month ! I can use it on my R.V w/o any adtl' cost - Anyone know how to deal with this ?
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  1. This can get sort of tricky. DirecTV technically has two divisions. One is for residential installations, or homes that are able to directly receive the satellite signal with their own personal dish. The second is for MDU, or Multiple Dwelling Units. If your son is in an MDU system, there are two things you could do. One. If he's south facing, you can put up another dish if the building allows it. Second, you could contact a local MDU DirecTV installer, and attempt to get the MDU hardware. Keep in mind, having this installation in two separate dwellings is against DirecTV's terms of service, so you are not going to get any help from them. MDU installers aren't listed separately, you'll probably have to call around.
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