EPOX 8K7A+ & customer service = BAD

This is just a note for my own piece of mind and to hopefull save others from dealing with these idiots! Last year I bought the above mentioned board the 8K7A+ (worthy of note I did so because I couldn't get my hands on the ABIT KG7 at the time and needed the RAID 0+1 DDR board) anyway along the way it wasn't such a pain given a blue screen or two. However recently I thought I blew the video card when it turns out it was the AGP bus acting up..... I proceeded to purchase newegg.com's refurbished ABIT KR7A - 133R for $49- (basically the KG7 with 133 support=FLAWLESS !!!!best thing I ever did in the industry)
To make a long story short instead of singing the praises of ABIT - 10 out of 12 of the 1500uF capacitors were either leaking, blown (2 for the AGP) or exploded to the point of pushing themselves off their solder joints a couple of mm.
A good friend did some research and found sites with guys just repairing these kinds of UNSCRUPULOUS DEFECTS in no name boards.....then to add insult to injury, even though it was an OBVIOUS manufacture's defect.. they wanted me to pay to ship the board, + $25 to reair it + $14 return shipping... you can buy one for $60 online in other words the same price----even after I showed detailed pics of the damage and several PC email exchanges - the best they'd offer is free return shiping......Now the $50 is not going to break me but the jist of it is this... They intentionally made designed a board made to fail just after the warranty.....they refuse to admit it.. and are a bunch of PUNKS! save yourselves the hassels.....

By the way I've got an old ABIT BH6 still running strong after MANY years of constant pounding......
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  1. You may be interested to know that the problem with bad capacitors is not new, nor is it isolated. It seems a year or so ago a new type of capacitor was introduced without being extensively tested... and Its quality is less than optimal. Abit were plagued badly by leaking/exploding caps, many other companies had their share of problems and it covers the entire spectrum of Amd boards, p4, p3 and so on.

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