How to combine multiple tracks on Sound Forge 9

A church sermon which I want to upload on website is partitioned into 10 tracts on one CD. How can I combine these multiple tracts into one for upload? Thanks. Jim
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  1. The simplest method would be to use a CD ripper that lets you specify the beginning and end of each track, and just rip the whole CD as one single track. I know the old audiograbber program can do this. I don't know about other such programs. This assumes there aren't any gaps between the 10 tracks that you would want to remove. And you could rip directly to mp3 format.
    Otherwise, you would want to rip all tracks to wav files and use a wave editor to combine them (in proper order). This would also allow you to apply any processing to improve the sound if needed (EQ, compression, normalization, etc.) and/or edit the recording (perhaps the recording starts before the start of the sermon, for example). Lastly, you'd want to convert the wav file to mp3 for upload to the website.
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