I planned to get a new display. Should I get a new LCD or LED?

LED is newer in technology, but it uses Diode. It provides more contrast, but I don't know; my hazard guess is this is gonna be bright and possibly too-bright and hurting eyes. Perhaps also more radiation from the monitor?
LCD is older technology, but it uses liquid crystal, and so suppressed much radiation, resulting cooler and not-too-bright color to eyes.

So what do you think?
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    I got an LED and it's not burning my eyes. It's cool, especially on daylight, you don't get bothered by the sunlight as much you would have with a normal LCD. I can't tell you for sure, since I had only one LCD and probably wasn't the best one, I had a Samsung Syncmaster 22" and now I got an LG LED 22" and I can notice the difference between those two.
  2. Wouldn't LED provide higher contrast, while LCD provides clearer, sleek display?
  3. LED is next step from LCD, it should be better in all ways.
    A higher end LCD pannel would also be good, SPA is a good one. I just got one and it's outstanding, much better than the regular TN LCDs.
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