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I'm trying to build myself a new desktop for gaming and general websurfing/studenting. I recently ordered 27.5" LCD monitor for $270 which displays at 1920x1200. My other option is 3 20" LED TV's for $449. What do you all recommend? Does anyone have any experience using a larger display vs. 3 smaller (lower resolution) displays. How does it work out for gaming? Does having the three separate bezels hurt the experience? How about for office productivity?
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    The only thing that would bother me about using 3 smaller monitors would be the fact that the image would not be continuous. As I'm sure you have seen various reviews using GPU's that can handle 3+ monitors, it seems to me that your gaming experience would be much better using a single large monitor instead of 3 smaller ones. However, if you were to go with a 6 monitor set up, then I'd consider using 6 smaller monitors.
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