I have hp laserject 3200 printer scanner and copier i do not know how to use sca


I have hp LaserJet 3200 printer, copier, fax and scanner but I do not know how to scan document. As when I pressed scan but it is showing that waiting for PC and then Ready. I have downloaded some drivers but I do not know how to scan as Printing is working properly.
Any can tell me please how can I get scan of my document.

Many thanks.
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  1. Does the product scan to the computer?
    Initiate a scan from either the computer’s basic desktop software or from the product. Other devices are connected to the parallel port. Disconnect the other devices and try again to scan.
    The computer’s parallelport hardware is not bidirectional. Check hardware documentation to see if the port configuration can be changed.
    The BIOS settings for the parallel port are set incorrectly. Polling is turned off in
    HP LaserJet Director or HP LaserJet Director is not running. Reset the computer’s port settings. If the problem persists, reset the BIOS settings in CMOS.
    Start HP LaserJet Director and turn on polling.
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