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I apologize if this is a similar post to others, but as I checked the search bar for it I don't believe it is.

I had a question about an issue with my Panasonic TC-P42X1 tv. I've had it for around a year and a half and a bit ago it started to turn off on it's on. The fix at that point was to just hold down the power button for a solid 10-12 seconds and it worked fine until you turned it off. After a while though it wouldn't turn on at all. It would power up, turn off immediately and then the power light would just blink. I haven't trashed it or anything yet because it could be a fairly simple fix for all I know, and I'd like to find out if that's the case. Even a fix that costs ~$100 is cheaper than buying an entirely new tv.

From what I've read it sounds like a power supply issue. But obviously I have no idea. Thanks for any help.
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  1. OK, for starters, I have no experience fixing TVs like this, partly because it's not my line of work.

    But, I am familiar enough with using them, and anything using circuit boards and whatnot, that the smallest thing can go wrong that, if you knew what it was, might be a $5 fix, but would take so long to find that the service time alone makes it too expensive. Also, the tech industry moves so fast (yay!) that parts of "outdated" TVs from 3 years ago are hard to come by (boo).

    So, unless someone here has specific experience with this issue on this model, chances are you will have no choice but to donate that TV to SARCAN or something and buy a new one. The joys of "progress", right? At least the new TV will be better...

    Just my non-expert opinion.
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    This happens to a lot of TVs, usually the capacitors on one of the boards go bad and need to be replaced. Should be pretty easy to find the issue if you open the back and look, but you may want to have a repair shop do it. Don't want to get zapped.
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