My memory card will not let me put photos on my laptop

My memory card when in the camera you can view all the photos but when I put it into my laptop and the box vomes up with view photos etc it is empty. Any ideas why?
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  1. Could be the file format is set to something that Windows can't read. Look in your camera's menu for File Format and set to JPEG
  2. Nope thats not the problem. Up until about 2weeks ago I had no issues then all of a sudden my "daughta" says you can't view photos on the laptop mum!!!!!!!!And as usual no one touched anything..........the bogey man must of done it! I,m thinking the probs on the laptop just have no idea what
  3. Using the card reader on the laptop? Either it has developed a mechanical problem like a bent pin or the driver is corrupt. What laptop Model? I'll look for a driver. Failing that you could buy a cheap Card reader off Ebay that will fit a USB port.
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