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I have a HP compaq nx9420 notebook (running WinXP SP3), and the screen blinks.
It seems that the backlight will blink off for a fraction of a second and come back on. It doesn't happen at a steady pulse, and it doesn't seem to change in frequency during the duration of the notebook being on.

Does anyone have any ideas? or is the backlight failing.
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    It seems like the back light is going out, but ever so slowly. Usually, if it does it while it is booted up, I've always taken it as a sign that something is a miss with the backlight and not the inverter. If it was the inverter, the screen would go completely black. If it does go completely black at some point, you can hold a flashlight up to it and if you can still see everything as usual, it is indeed the back light.
  2. i'm assuming that that this cannot be replaced...
    i'd have to hook the notebook up to a monitor
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