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I have recently installed Windows 7 32bit on my parents laptop for them. Its a three year old HP DV6000 Series. All drivers for laptop hardware installed fine through Windows Update.

And then we get to the printer. They have an HP Laser Jet P1005 Mono Laser Printer.

It will NOT work!

1. I know it actually functions as a printer because I have installed it on my Windows XP Netbook when I go up there and tested it and it prints no problem.

2. I firstly attempted using the provided CD drivers, not expecting them to work. They didn't.

3. I then downloaded the drivers for the product from the HP Support website. They have Windows 7 Drivers listed! so I downloaded them.

4. During installation, after unpacking all the files, the installer asks for the printer to be plugged in, then powered on. I do exactly that, but the installer never recognises that the printer has been plugged in! Windows does because the bubble appears and Windows installs "USB Printing Support". However the actual HP Driver installer fails to see the printer is present and just sits on the screen asking you to plug it in and turn it on.

5. So i quit that and installed the printer manually, - the usual malarkey, "add printer", "select driver .dll file" and Windows says the printer is installed! great! Set as default printer, the whole lot.

6. So i attempt to print. Windows sends the print job to the printer. NOTHING. The printer doesnt flinch, just sits there, oblivious, no lights flash or anything.

I have tried both of the above procedures countless times over the last few weeks, uninstalling, reinstalling, uninstalling again, running a registry cleaner, reinstalling, changing every possible printer property after the manual install, NOTHING.

I am now thinking ditch the printer and buy one approved for Windows 7. Its clearly an issue with 7 after all.
Just seems a shame to waste a 1 month old printer with an almost full toner that definitely works on Windows XP.

Any ideas folks?
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  1. Does the USB socket on the computer work with other devices ?
  2. That is my question as well how many usb ports does your lap top have? and make sure it is one that is for printers because like on a mac there is a usb on the key board but it does not have the correct power supported to to power some usb products it is also like that on the PC's. just make sure.
  3. Yes the USB port is intended for use with the printer. Previously, when the laptop was running Vista, that very printer worked in the very same socket.
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