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I just recently hooked up a new sherwood rx-4105 receiver with a pair of jbl-2500 speakers. After a few hours I noticed a good bit of static coming through the speakers. After some testing I can confirm that it is the receiver. Can anyone explain why the receiver is creating this static and if there are any solutions to fix this? If not I will return the receiver. Bummer because I liked the Sherwood build quality and overall sound besides the static noise.

- I hear the static on multiple sources (dvd player, cable box)
- I hear the static through speakers and through headphones
- Static volume does not change when receiver volume is increased and decreased
- Unplugged receiver from surge protector and plugged straight into wall outlet, still hear static

Thanks for any help you can give. :)

EDIT: I'd like to add too that this is an audible sound of static. I can hear the static sitting at the couch approximately 7 to 9 feet away.
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  1. Update: swapped sherwood with a insignia ns-r2001. Same deal, same static noise. So now I've narrowed it down to a possible issue with electronic noise at the outlet / surge protector.

    Four devices total connected to outlet through surge protector. Cable box, bluray player, tv, and receiver.

    Any recomendations at this point are welcome. Thanks.
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