Upgrade from 22" 24? 27?

planning to upgrade my 2 years old HP 22"

looking at 27" but a bit concern the size, read some post said 24" is good enough.

bought the u2711 from dell, but cancelled it at last minute.

wish someone can tell me what you think?

thanks guys :hello:
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  1. I bought a 27" and regret it. I don't like the color of it and to be honest it's like a 24" - I wish I have waited and bought a 32" instead. But still try to go to computer stores try it personally before deciding.
  2. I personally think bigger is better. You ever see videos of people hard core gaming, they lean forward and put their face into their monitor. Clearly they don't have a big enough monitor.

    The thing is many people comment on 30" 2560x1600 resolution monitors because they have a 32" TV or 27" 1080P monitor. Thats half the resolution of a 2560*1600 monitor. Its not even comparable.
    The people who own these monitor would tell you it is perfect.

    For practical desktop work, the U2711 has 77% more space than a 24" monitor. There is just so much more desk space to work with. You can see entire pages of documents without scrolling down.

    For gaming it is just fine. You will be able to see the entire screen fine and in higher resolution too.

    The color on H-IPS monitors are much better than you can ever find in a cheap TN which 99% of monitors are made of.
  3. Basically for me, if I wanted any resolution above 1920 x 1200, then I would simply go for a 30" LCD monitor (2560 x 1600). These new 27" 16:9 aspect ratio monitors offers 2560 x 1440 resolution, but personally I think text would be a bit small for that size. I've briefly used a 30" 2560 x 1600 monitor a few years ago and I thought the size of the text was somewhat small-ish for my taste. I could read it but it felt I was straining just a tiny bit to do so. I was sitting about 23" - 24" away from the monitor which is typical for me.

    One thing for certain is if I had a 30" monitor, I would not have bought a HD 5850 if I wanted to play games at full resolution. I would have at least considered the HD 5870 and probably would have X-Fired two HD 5850s.
  4. I don't mean to derail the thread, but how would the size of text compare between 1920x1200 at 17'' to 2560x1600 at 30''?
    I'd think it is just a matter of comparing the pixel pitch, but I'm not sure.
    As far as on-topic goes, I'd say if you could find 2560x1600 at 27'' go for it, but if you are going for 1920x1200 just get a 24'', because stretching the resolution to fill more area will just make your image less sharp. As far as 24'' vs 30'', id say that depends more on how much space you have. If you have the space to sit far enough away to actually use a 30'', its likely a better idea than a 24'', but if you'll be sitting too close a bigger monitor may be a downside. Personally, I sit about 18 inches from my 17'' laptop screen, so a 30'' would be a bad idea for me. Thats probably more a matter of personal taste though.
  5. today i brought my wife to the local fry's to show her the 24 and 27.

    she said if you you want to get upgrade for only 2" then you shouldn't be. :pt1cable:

    ok now i am in the market for 27", beside Dell (i can get about $900 with tax) what's the other option (let say budget $500-600)?

    thanks people :hello:
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