Finishing my game corner

After a few days of searching I understood that there just too many choices and too little that i know about monitors.

Can you help me with choosing.
I need something not too expensive. 20-23", I guess led and with good angles because I usualy watch movies from my bed.

And is there a big diffirence between 5ms and 2 ms?

This is the monitors I found:

LG W2453TQ-PF 24" Full HD 2MS VGA DVI
Samsung SyncMaster 23" SAMBX2335
Samsung SyncMaster P2270HD (with this one you can watch tv also, not important but nice to have)

Sorry that no links, but I live in finland so I dont think any finish stores links will help you.

I hope I posted in right section and that you can help me to decide wich one to buy! Thanks
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  1. You seem to have selected 3 models, just to thrown a wrench in your plans, check out, should give you some info on picking one.

    Also if you can afford it, I suggest getting a higher end model, colors and view angles will be much better. I just purchased a S-PVA screen ( over a TN one and the quality is much better. LED should look nice.
  2. 2ms might be preferable to some hard core gamers, the consensus seems to be that 5ms is good for all the rest.

    If you can afford it, you probably want a (largeish) *IPS or *PVA panel with 16.7 million colors - go with at least 16.2m colors, which is done with some workarounds for 6-bit panel technology (so 16.7m which is done with 8 bits panel technology might be slightly better in some respects). The cheaper TN panels are also limited in the viewing angle. is a nice explanation of various monitor features.
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